About Us

As EKS Safety Belt Industry company, we started the production of working at height equipment in Ankara in 2010 to provide a safe working environment for people working at dangerous distances. We produce our products under the name of EKSED, which is our own brand.

Our priority has always been to keep human health and safety at the highest level, to provide efficiency and comfort that can go beyond user needs and to increase the feeling of trust. We believe that we will preserve this point of view we have under all circumstances.

With the completion of our productions, which we carry out with the most modern equipment and production methods, with high efficiency and profitability, we are able to reach a wider segment. On the other hand, we have strengthened our references for our future business by ensuring the continuity of our customer satisfaction and innovation studies, which we put into consideration by taking into account user feedback.

Our Mission Since the day we were founded, we have been showing a steady growth at home and abroad by adhering to our business approach that does not compromise on our quality and principles, in order to create safe working environments, which we have determined as our company, and to provide products that can meet the needs of our target audience in the most effective way by adhering to environmental awareness.

Our Vision is to always maintain our difference with our first class product quality while continuing to grow by expanding our domestic and international customer portfolio.

About Us