Provide a Safe Working Environment in Construction Sites with Eksed Anchors

Provide a Safe Working Environment in Construction Sites with Eksed Anchors

A safe construction environment is vital not only for the well-being of workers, but also for project completion on time and on budget. Eksed helps you create this safe environment on construction sites by offering high-quality anchors, lifelines, bags and accessories.

Working in the construction industry can always be risky. However, with appropriate equipment and safety precautions, these risks can be minimized. As EKSED, we are proud to support you with our high quality anchor products specially designed to provide a safe working environment in construction sites.

Security is our priority

EKSED anchors are an ideal solution to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites. With their high durability, easy installation and wide product range, EKSED anchors are the perfect choice for all types of construction projects.

Create a Safe Working Environment with EKSED Anchors

Anchors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of workers on construction sites. The anchor types offered by Eksed are designed to suit different needs and projects.

  • Anchor Ear: It has a durable construction designed to provide a reliable port. It meets high safety standards in construction works. Anchor ears are generally used to create safe anchorage points to reinforced concrete and steel structures.


  • Anchor Ear Dowel: It is a solid and reliable anchor type designed to be used on concrete or similar hard surfaces. Anchor ear dowels are used to fix anchor ears to concrete.


  • Anchor Sling: Anchor slings are used as a fall protection system for those working at high altitudes. These products are made of high-strength polyester and are resistant to abrasion.


  • Infinite Perlon: The endless perlon, which draws attention with its flexible structure, is used to ensure the safety of employees in high places. It is a reliable option with its durable structure.


  • Door Anchor: It is a portable and easy-to-install anchor type designed to provide temporary security measures in construction sites.


These anchors are made of high quality materials and prioritize durability and safety. It is an excellent option to ensure the safety of workers in construction sites.

Usage Areas and Application Methods of Anchors

Anchors are important structural safety equipment that has a wide range of uses in various industries. Anchors, used in many areas from the construction industry to shipbuilding, from working at height to mountaineering, play a vital role in ensuring the safety of structures and guaranteeing the safety of employees.

Here are some uses of anchors:

  1. Construction Industry: Anchors are used in construction sites to strengthen the foundations of structures and ensure structural safety. During the assembly of reinforced concrete structures or the assembly of reinforced concrete elements, anchors ensure that the structures are fixed and remain in place.

  2. Working at Height: İnşaat, temizlik, bakım ve onarım gibi yükseklikte çalışma gerektiren işlerde, ankrajlar çalışanların güvenliğini sağlamak için kullanılır. İşçiler, emniyet kemerlerini ankrajlara bağlayarak düşme riskini en aza indirebilirler.

  3. Shipbuilding: In the maritime industry, anchors are frequently used in the construction and maintenance of ships. Anchors are of great importance during the assembly of ship hulls and in the mooring systems used to tie up ships in the port.

  4. Mountaineering and Woodworking: Anchors are used as personal safety equipment in activities such as mountaineering and woodworking. Climbers and loggers reduce the risk of falling by attaching safety ropes to appropriate anchors.

Advantages Provided by EKSED Anchors

Eksed anchors help provide a safe working environment in construction sites with the following features:


  • High Durability: Eksed anchors are manufactured from high quality materials and designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions.


  • Easy setup: Eksed anchors have a practical design for easy and fast installation.


  • Wide Range: Eksed offers a wide range of anchor products suitable for all types of construction needs.


  • Security Certificates: Eksed ankrajları, uluslararası güvenlik standartlarına uygunluk için gerekli tüm sertifikalara sahiptir.

Reliable Anchors, Safe Construction

These high-quality anchor products offered by EKSED are an excellent option to increase safety in construction sites and ensure the safety of employees. EKSED anchors, known for their reliability and durability, will help you in your construction projects and make your work safer.

Safety should always be at the forefront in the construction industry and as EKSED, we are happy to support you in this important issue. Contact us immediately to get more information about our anchor products and to place an order. EKSED is with you for a safe construction environment.


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Provide a Safe Working Environment in Construction Sites with Eksed Anchors