Mobile Fall Arresters and Rope Holders That Save Lives When Working at Height

Mobile Fall Arresters and Rope Holders That Save Lives When Working at Height

Working at height is an essential requirement in many industries. Workers in construction, industry, cleaning and similar sectors have to work in high places as part of their daily work. However, such work carries serious risks and occupational safety is of great importance. This is where life-saving mobile fall arresters and rope arresters come into play.

Safety is always a top priority for those working in tall buildings, towers, power lines or other hazardous areas. Mobile fall arresters and rope arresters are critical to stopping falls and saving lives in the event of an accident.

EKSED specializes in working at height products. These products are designed to ensure the safety of workers and provide effective protection against serious fall risks. In particular, mobile fall arresters and rope arresters minimize the effects of potential falls and ensure the safety of employees at the maximum level.

Briefly, what does a Mobile Fall Arrester do?

Mobile fall arresters are special equipment that allows workers to move freely while working in high places, but is activated immediately in the event of a fall. In this way, in case of a fall, the person's falling distance is minimized and serious injuries are prevented. EKSED's mobile fall arrest products offer users comfort and safety together.

Mobil Düşüş Durdurucuların Faydaları:

  • Prevents Falls: Mobile fall arresters help protect workers from serious injuries and death by stopping a fall in the event of an accident.


  • Provides Freedom of Movement: It gives workers the freedom to move and complete their work without the risk of falling.


  • Easy to Use: It is easy to use and does not require special training.


  • Lightweight and Portable: Thanks to their lightweight and portable design, they can be easily carried and used.


  • Various Applications: Various models are available for different work areas and needs.

Briefly, what is the use of a rope gripper?

Rope restraints are rope systems to which employees are attached with seat belts or body restraints. These systems enable workers to stop quickly and safely in the event of a fall. EKSED's rope gripper products are made of durable materials and provide reliable protection in any working environment.

Halat Tutucuların Faydaları

  • Ascension and Descent Safety: It helps workers ascend and descend safely.


  • Emergency Evacuation: It offers fast and safe evacuation in emergency situations.


  • Cargo Carrying: It helps to transport materials safely.


  • Various Capacities: Models with different load capacities are available.


  • Durability: It is made of long-lasting and durable materials.

Things to Consider When Choosing Mobile Fall Arresters and Rope Grabbers

  • Working area: Consider the type and size of the work area where the fall arrest or rope arrester will be used.


  • Running Weight: Check the maximum worker weight the fall arrester or rope arrestor can support.


  • Fall Distance: Take into account the maximum fall distance that the fall arrester or rope grab can stop.


  • Compatibility: Check compatibility with other personal protective equipment you use.


  • Standards: Make sure that the product complies with relevant safety standards.

EKSED: The Name of Guaranteeing Safety at Heights

Considering the importance of these products, it is vital for businesses to correctly select working at height equipment. EKSED offers its customers high quality, cost-effective and completely reliable products. In addition, the company provides support to customers in selecting and installing the right products with its expert staff.

EKSED is a pioneer in the industry with products such as mobile fall arresters and rope grabs, which are vital for working at height. With its reliable and effective equipment, it prioritizes the safety of its employees above all else. We are proud to offer all kinds of support needed to ensure the safety of businesses and employees, with our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach and expert team. For those looking for quality and reliable solutions in the field of working at height, EKS Occupational Safety is the right address.


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Mobile Fall Arresters and Rope Holders That Save Lives When Working at Height