Mobile Vertical Lifeline

Product Technical Specifications

  • It is designed for a safe working environment in steep areas where it is difficult to ensure safety.
  • The rope holder on the product locks the rope in the event of a fall, keeping the user suspended.
  • It is produced specially in the length desired by the user.
  • Options to be produced from 12-14-16 mm rope,
  • It is supplied with a rope holder on the product and a carabiner at the end.
  • There are Eks-149 carabiners at both ends of the product to provide anchorage connection.
  • The rope is made of high-strength polyester material. It complies with the EN-1891 standard.
  • Product label for product tracking and periodic maintenance.

Technical Information

BrandMaterialRope SizeLengthWeightStandard
EKS-261-DPolyester12MM - 14MM - 16MMOptionalEXPLANATIONEN:353-2

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Mobile Vertical Lifeline