Fall Arrest, Positioning and Suspension Harness

Product Description

Fully protected seat belt; It is a personal protective equipment consisting of parts, which are designed to protect the body by supporting the body and spreading the force that stops the fall on the groin, chest, body and shoulders that hold the user during a fall with its fasteners, columns, rings.

Product Technical Specifications

  • Ergonomic design provides comfortable and long-term use
  • Steel metal parts ensure long-term durability
  • Superior production techniques enable complete body wrapping
  • Elastic leg straps provide comfort during use
  • Steel adjustment buckles ensure easy dressing and high security
  • Back indicator highlights any falls that occur, providing necessary information for safety
  • Inclined D-Rings ensure comfortable use when positioning
  • 5 ports provide ease of use for added convenience
  • It provides confidence in the quality of the product thanks to its “MODUL D” certificate.

MODUL D Certificate: It is the document that proves that the product tested during the certification phase is the same as the product in mass production.

Technical Information

BrandAdjustment BucklePortWeightCapacityBodyStandard
EKSEDManuel4 Point MetalEXPLANATION100 KGS/M- L/XL- XXLEN 358:2018 EN 361:2002 EN 813:2008

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Fall Arrest, Positioning and Suspension Harness