Single-Legged Energy Absorbing Lanyard

Product Technical Specifications

  • Prevents the individual from hitting the ground and being suspended in the event of a fall while working at height.
  • Features high strength, thanks to the 12mm static polyester-polyamide rope.
  • The shock absorber opens gradually during a fall, effectively reducing the impact force.
  • Transparent protection is included to ensure long-term use of the energy absorber.
  • Ergonomically designed with the user’s comfort in mind. (Ergonomically crafted for maximum comfort)
  • Its special design provides fast and effortless usage.
  • Includes product coding for traceability purposes.
  • Compatible with the hooks provided below.

Compatible Hooks

Technical Information

EksedPolyester and Polyamide1,2 MT - 1,5 MT - 2 MTEXPLANATIONEN 355-362-354

Product Documentation

Data Sheet

Product Usage Video

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Single-Legged Energy Absorbing Lanyard