Safe and Efficient Equipment for Working at Height

Safe and Efficient Equipment for Working at Height

If you are looking for a reliable solution for occupational safety, EKSED offers you everything you need. EKSED, as a company specialized in occupational safety equipment, offers all kinds of products necessary for you to work safely in your workplaces. Safety is one of the top priorities when working at height. EKSED offers safe and efficient equipment that you can use in your work at height. These equipment keep your employees safe and do their jobs more efficiently.

Occupational Safety Measures:

Working at height can present serious dangers. Therefore, occupational safety measures should be a top priority. It is important to pay attention to these precautions:

  • Strictly complying with occupational health and safety rules.
  • To educate and raise awareness of employees.
  • Using safety equipment, especially personal protective equipment (Fall Safety Equipment) to prevent falls.
  • Following a specific permit procedure for working at height.
  • Marking hazardous areas and limiting access.

Fall Prevention Equipment:

There is a risk of falling while working at height. Therefore, it is important to use fall protection equipment. This equipment may include:

  • Fall safety harness and rings.
  • Railings and barriers to prevent falls.
  • Nets and netting to prevent falls.

Equipment offered by EKSED for Working at Height:

  1. Work Safety Belts: It is an important equipment used to prevent falls when working at height. Work safety belts fit tightly to the employee's body and prevent falls. EKSED offers different types of belts to suit different job requirements. These belts are made of durable materials and provide comfortable use.
  2. Work Safety Ropes: Ropes used while working at height ensure that workers remain attached to a fixed point and prevent falling. EKSED's safety ropes are produced from high-strength materials and are available in various lengths. Additionally, it is easy to use and practical to carry.
  3. Work Safety Ladders: These are special stairs designed to provide access to high places. EKSED offers a wide range of products regarding occupational safety ladders. These ladders are easy to transport and store with their portable and foldable design. You can make working at height safer by choosing the stairs that suit the needs of your workplace.
  4. Fall Prevention Equipment: They are special equipment designed to prevent falls while working at height. These equipment are used to protect workers and reduce the risk of falls in your workplace. EKSED offers high quality fall protection equipment. This equipment keeps workers safe and helps you meet occupational safety standards in your workplace.


The equipment offered by EKSED for working at height are high quality products designed to ensure safe working in your workplaces. These equipment help you keep your employees safe while also increasing the efficiency of your workplace. Working with the right equipment regarding occupational safety ensures that the employees in your workplace are safe and the work is completed more safely.

Quality of EKSED Occupational Safety Equipment

EKSED attaches great importance to quality when developing occupational safety equipment. Our products are produced in accordance with international standards and regulations. Additionally, our products are regularly quality checked and tested to ensure that you do not experience any problems.

Be Safe with EKSED

EKSED, as a leading supplier of occupational safety equipment, is with you to ensure that your employees are safe in your workplaces. By working with us, you can minimize your concerns about occupational safety and protect your employees.

Be safe in occupational safety with EKSED. Explore our wide range of products to meet your workplace needs and understand the importance of working safely. Working with the right equipment for occupational safety will help you increase both the safety of your employees and the efficiency of your workplace. EKSED is a reliable partner in occupational safety and provides you with support at every step. To be safe, choose EKSED and start your journey to ensure occupational safety in your workplace.


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Safe and Efficient Equipment for Working at Height