Staying Safe at Height with Eksed Fall Protection Equipment

Staying Safe at Height with Eksed Fall Protection Equipment

Working at height comes with inherent risks, but with the right equipment and precautions, these risks can be minimized. One crucial component of working safely at height is using a reliable fall protection system. Eksed is a trusted brand that offers a range of fall protection equipment, including full body harnesses, safety lanyards, and fall arrest and restraint systems.

A full body harness from Eksed is designed to fit snugly and distribute the force of a fall across the body, reducing the risk of injury. The harness should be adjusted to the wearer’s body size for maximum effectiveness. Eksed also offers safety lanyards that connect the harness to an anchor point. These lanyards can be retractable or have a shock absorber to reduce the impact of a fall.

In addition to harnesses and lanyards, Eksed offers personal fall arrest systems that are designed to stop a worker from hitting the ground or lower level in the event of a fall. Fall restraint systems from Eksed prevent the workers from reaching an area where they could fall.

When using an Eksed fall protection system, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure its effectiveness. With the right equipment from Eksed, workers can stay safe while working at height.

In summary, using an Eksed full body harness, safety lanyard, and fall arrest or restraint system can provide peace of mind and help keep workers safe when working at height.


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Staying Safe at Height with Eksed Fall Protection Equipment