How to Reduce Workplace Accidents and Risks?

İşyeri Kazaları ve Riskleri Nasıl Azaltır

Success and productivity in the business world are directly linked to employee safety. Therefore, occupational safety equipment has become a priority issue in every workplace. EKSED is a brand that specializes in occupational safety and stands out in the sector with its quality and reliable equipment. EKSED draws attention with its reliability and experience in the sector in the field of occupational safety equipment. The company's main mission is to maximize the safety of employees and protect workplaces from risks. This mission is supported by various occupational safety equipment in EKSED's product range.

Occupational Safety: A Priority Responsibility

Occupational safety is one of the top priorities of a business and is more than just a legal obligation. Employee safety should be recognized as a critical element to the sustainability, reputation and success of a workplace. EKSED adopts occupational safety as a primary responsibility and is committed to providing the best service to its customers in this regard.

Why is Occupational Safety a Priority?

  1. Employee Health and Wellbeing: Occupational safety basically aims to protect the health and well-being of employees. Accidents that occur in a workplace can have serious effects on the physical and mental health of employees. Acting with this awareness, EKSED designs and offers its products and services with a focus on employee safety.
  2. Efficiency and Performance: A safe working environment makes employees feel safe. This increases motivation and efficiency in the workplace. EKSED's occupational safety equipment is specially designed to ensure the comfort and safety of employees, which increases performance in the workplace.
  3. Reducing Legal and Financial Risks: Work accidents can harm not only human health but also the legal and financial situations of businesses. EKSED focuses on ensuring legal compliance and minimizing the risks of businesses with the products and consultancy services it offers to its customers.

EKSED Stands Out in the Field of Occupational Safety

  • Superior Quality Standards: EKSED adheres to high quality standards in the production and supply of occupational safety equipment. Their products are manufactured and tested in accordance with international safety standards.
  • Customer Focused Solutions: EKSED adopts customized approaches to provide solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Consultancy services on occupational safety are designed in accordance with the customers' workplace conditions.
  • Continuous Improvement Approach: EKSED constantly reviews its products and services regarding occupational safety and subjects them to improvement processes. This reflects their commitment to providing customers with the most up-to-date and effective solutions.


Occupational safety is not just a product or service for EKSED, but also a culture. EKSED continues to maintain its leadership in occupational safety to provide safe, healthy and productive working environments to its customers.

Work Safety Equipment

EKSED offers a wide range of occupational safety equipment. The main ones among these products are:

  1. Protective Clothing: Protective clothing products provided by EKSED protect employees against various dangers. These clothing products, produced with special designs and materials, provide effective protection against workplace accidents.
  2. Eye and Face Protection: Eye and face protection equipment protects the eyes and face from potential hazards in a variety of work environments. These products offered by EKSED are produced in accordance with high quality standards.
  3. Hearing Protection: Hearing protection is vital in noisy work environments. EKSED's hearing protection equipment protects the hearing health of employees and prevents long-term effects.

Strategies to Reduce Workplace Accidents and Risks

EKSED stands out not only with its products but also with the consultancy services it offers to its customers. Here are EKSED's strategies to reduce workplace accidents and risks:

  1. Creating Emergency Plans: Every workplace should develop emergency plans. It is critical that personnel be aware and prepared in the event of fire, natural disasters or other emergencies. EKSED Company strengthens workplaces against unexpected situations by providing consultancy services to its customers on creating customized emergency plans.
  2. Ergonomic Working Environment Design: EKSED specializes in workplace regulations. Ergonomic work environment design prevents work accidents by increasing the physical health and comfort of employees. The products and recommendations offered by EKSED increase compliance with ergonomic standards in workplaces.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Training Programs: Occupational safety training ensures that employees understand and apply safety protocols. EKSED increases the awareness of its personnel by organizing special training programs for workplaces and plays an active role in preventing accidents.
  4. Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Routines: EKSED emphasizes to its customers the importance of regular maintenance of construction machines and equipment. Regular maintenance helps prevent malfunctions and reduces risks in the workplace. Equipment maintenance products and services provided by EKSED support the safe use of work machines.
  5. Risk Assessment and Improvement Processes: Risk assessment processes are used to identify potential hazards in the workplace and develop improvement strategies. EKSED conducts special risk assessments for its customers, identifies security vulnerabilities in workplaces and offers solution suggestions.
  6. Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) Applications: EKSED guides its customers to adopt modern OHSMS practices. OHSMS enables the systematic management of occupational safety processes and encourages continuous improvement in the workplace.

These strategies are included in the wide range of services that EKSED offers to its customers. Implementing these strategies to improve workplace safety and minimize accidents is critical to ensuring long-term success and a safe working environment.

If you want to maximize the safety of your workplace and work with a reliable partner on occupational safety equipment, you can choose EKSED Company. Take the right step for a safe work environment and benefit from EKSED's expertise.


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How to Reduce Workplace Accidents and Risks?